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We provide a comprehensive service for the test , overhaul and repair of valves
Our service is Professional , fast and efficient and is carried out by our trained staff

Our Services Include

* Supplying all types of spare parts of Safety Valves

* Visual inspection for corrosion and damage of all external and internal surfaces, if necessary we do NDT to make sure there is no leakage

* Undertaking pressure tests to determine if valves are lifting/ operating correctly

* Refurbishment of internal parts to ensure correct operation

* Replacement of any damaged or suspect parts including valves trim

* Lapping to return sealing faces

* Re-designing springs or changing the set point of springs and designing new springs

* Painting safety Valves

* Re-testing, recalibration, recertifying services

* Providing traceable certificates

* Providing full documentation


Spare Parts

FAFCO supplies Spare Parts as follows:

1: Spare parts for the current projects whose contracts include supplying spare parts

4 Spare parts for commissioning
4 Two years spare parts

2: Spare parts as an after-sales service, which will be identified by providing product code or the project number by the customers

3: Spare parts supplied for products of other brands

4 Manufacturing spare parts according to the customers’ drawings
4 Manufacturing spare parts using reverse engineering

Spare parts are manufactured in our company, packed according to FAFCO’s packing procedure, sent to the customers in boxes labeled with our logo