EIQ Type approval certificate

EIQ Type approval certificate


Production at FAFCO

Test of body tightness

Every assembled and adjusted valve is checked one more time by a trained technician. In this way we ensure that only safety valves that meet 100% of our customer’s requirements leave the factory


Precision manufacturing ensures that FAFCO safety valves work in a stable and reliable way. With a special lapping process, FAFCO achieves a surface roughness of Ra < 1µm. This is another cornerstone for our excellent valve tightness and FAFCO quality.

Safety valve in production

Raw materials and components for LESER safety valves can be taken from stock in most cases. This means quick and reliable delivery

Machining centers

FAFCO invests continually in new processes and technologies. The following examples show some of the customer benefits

First Pilot-Operated Safety Valves Manufacturer in Middle East


The production plant of this company is located in Arak, which is one of the greatest industrial zones in Iran. . In this company, all activities are organized around the best goals, which are strictly followed in all departments and sections including technical, engineering, research & development, commerce, manufacturing, and Quality Assurance departments

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